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October 18, 2016
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4 Things you need to know about Chemical Peels!

Medical Peels in Madison WI

Who Needs a Peel?


Anyone looking to make change. Formulations include solutions for acne, wrinkles, pigmentation, sund damage,rosacea and even sensitive skin conditions.

Who can have a peel?

Those who are willing to comply with pre and post peel instructions and who are not currently engaging in other skin care treatments or have any medical conditions that would be contraindications of a peel treatment.  See you aesthetician for full details. Some exclusions would be current or recent chemotherapy, current or recent use of accutane, current medical treatments for acne, current laser treatments.  Some other health conditions or concerns and medications may be a factor, please be honest and discuss any and all concerns with your esthetician.


Who will get the best results?

In my decade plus of experience, the ones who get the best result are the ones who follow instructions!  Clients who are already on a professional skin care regimen prior to a peel treatment see better results and typically have less down time with peels that involve a shedding process. Also, keep in mind that if your peel is recommended to be completed in a series, you will need to complete the full series.  Don’t be frustrated if after the first peel you don’t experience a miracle.  It’s a process, and it requires removing damage that has been done over many years.  Be patient, hang in there, follow your esthi’s directions and make sure you protect the new skin we are working to reveal with adequate sunscreen.  Some peels require post treatment care, if so follow those directions and use only products that are part of your post treatment regimen to avoid any irritation or unwanted interaction to the treatment you just received.

What can I expect with a peel?

There are different types of peels, some are more gentle than others.  Some are to add plumpness and hydration to the skin and despite their name, don’t involve any shedding.  Those types may be recommended for a person with Rosacea or more sensitive skin.  Other peels can be more aggressive and cause exfolation and result in a shedding process.   Shedding usually occurs on about day 3 and continues for a few days.  The process can be different for each individual.  Your esthi will go over the details with your and give you specifics for your particular type of peel.  The actual process of the peel may briefly involve some mild discomfort. It’s often described as stinging, prickly or flushing.   The sensation quickly subsides and you will be given home care instructions and if necessary post treatment care to take home with you.

Andrea "AJ" Jenkins Lic. Esthetician
Andrea "AJ" Jenkins Lic. Esthetician
AJ is licensed esthetician, spa owner, writer, blogger, creator of Celebrity Skin professional skin care products and industry expert in the field of anti aging and corrective skin care. When designing Celebrity Skin Studio her goal was to offer excellent customer service, premium treatments and products right here in the west valley serving the residents of Goodyear, Avondale, Verrado, and Litchfield Park. Clients come from all over the valley to obtain AJ's skin care advice and shop the large inventory Skincare products. If you are looking for state of the art anti aging treatments or corrective skincare with excellent customer service, you have found your place!

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