Is Micro-Needling For Me?
May 2, 2017
L.E.D. Light Therapy, A Celebrity Favorite!
May 1, 2018
Is Micro-Needling For Me?
May 2, 2017
L.E.D. Light Therapy, A Celebrity Favorite!
May 1, 2018

Big News! Introducing Celebrity Skin Professional Skincare!

It’s my great pleasure to announce the launch of my new skincare line Celebrity Skin!

This is a project I have been working on for months. It has been very exciting.  Products are expected to arrive by March 1, 2018.

Why did I decide to do it?

Quite honestly, I thought I could better serve the needs of my clients and their skin care concerns.

This professional product line promises to deliver and address all of your skin care concerns!

After years in the industry and many factors affecting skin care trends, it was time to develop my own skin care line.

My first goal was to provide the best in quality. I wanted to offer multi function concentrates with new and unique age corrective technology. This means it will take fewer products to get the job done! Therefore, saving time and money.  Who doesn’t need a little more of those?!

Many of the products will be scent neutral. Some products will have scents that originate naturally from the ingredients.  No additional scents have been added.  The reason for this is that added scents can  be an irritant for both skin and allergies.

I will be introducing 4 different collections each containing anti aging benefits and stem cell ingredients :

Quench will be for those with dry, dehydrated, estrogen deprived, sensitive or Rosacea prone skin. One of the unique products is the Quench Slumber Mask. It is amazing for repairing the skin’s barrier smoothing rough, flaky skin, recovering comfort and a healthy glow. This collection is rich in hydrating and soothing components to repair, reduce redness, irritation, inflammation and comfort skin in need of Quenching.

The Renew collection will be for those seeking more youthful skin, reducing lines, increasing firmness and offering “injection-less” solutions such as our Faux-Tox Injection-less filler for those wanting to see results in literally seconds. In addition, it’s prolonged effects can produce up to 63% reduction in wrinkle depth in just 28 days of use. The ingredient Snap-8 is key for relaxing muscles causing tension and lines. Best of all it’s toxin free!

The Radiance Collection is aimed at pigmentation (discoloration) due to hormones, age, sun damage and even post inflammatory acne scaring. (The pink and purplish scars left behind from Acne). Our Radiance Restoring Moisturizer is a lightweight silky Retinoid free emulsion. It contains new technology called PhytoRetenoids. Unlike retinoids that can cause photosensitivity (increased sensitivity to sun) it is safe to use during the day. It tightens enlarged pores, fades age spots, sun spots and discolorations improving clarity and tone.

And, finally the Clarity Collection.  Just as the name says it’s designed to give clarity to Oily, Combination and Acne prone skin.  It is pore clearing, oil free and shine free. With gentle and natural ingredients like tea tree oil, skin will not be irritated, red or flaky.  Our Clarity Clear and Seal Gel is a unique formulation that not only combats blemishes, it dries with a protective seal that lets the blemish heal. Make up can easily be applied over the smooth sealed surface.

All of the collections have a Serum Potency Treatment Moisturizer containing Time Reversal Complex. This is a unique blend of 6 age corrective technologies that deliver multi-targeted actions to correct visible signs of aging in all skin types regardless of age or ethnicity. These are just one of the multi functional products I mentioned earlier.

Among other ingredients they all contain stem cells that protect, detoxifying ingredients, repairing complexes and high functioning peptides that fill deep wrinkles. They also firm and volumize contours.

And finally, Celebrity Skin is free of harsh ingredients, only using gentle preservatives as needed. Celebrity Skin is proud to be cruelty free. Products have gone through extensive testing by Dermatologists, products used around eyes have been Opthamologist approved.

I can’t wait for you to experience Celebrity Skin!

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Andrea "AJ" Jenkins Lic. Esthetician
AJ is licensed esthetician, spa owner, writer, blogger, creator of Celebrity Skin professional skin care products and industry expert in the field of anti aging and corrective skin care. When designing Celebrity Skin Studio her goal was to offer excellent customer service, premium treatments and products right here in the west valley serving the residents of Goodyear, Avondale, Verrado, and Litchfield Park. Clients come from all over the valley to obtain AJ's skin care advice and shop the large inventory Skincare products. If you are looking for state of the art anti aging treatments or corrective skincare with excellent customer service, you have found your place!

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