A serene and sanitary environment for your waxing needs.
Bikini-Bikini Line-women Removes a strip of hair on either side of the bikini line. Perfect for clean up when you don't want anything visible outside the line of your bikini bottoms. $40

Bikini-Brazilian Removal of pubic hair from front to back. Modifications can be made if you prefer some hair left. *Must be at least 18 years of age. Women only. $65

Bikini-High Cut-women Includes more hair removal on either side than regular bikini line and waxing of top section. $50

Brow Waxing, shaping, and trimming $25

Chin $12

Ears $12

Full Face with Brow Full face with brow Includes sides of face, upper and lower lip, and chin. $55

Happy Trail Between belly button and pubic region $15

Lip $12

Manscaping Brow clean up and trim, nose & ear wax $35

Nostrils $12

Sides of Face $20

Underarm $25