At Celebrity Skin Studio you will find simplified options to create beautiful, glowing skin from the inside out. After a facial I can create a customized treatment plan and an at-home regimen specifically designed to help you achieve radiant, gorgeous skin. All facials are customized for client's individual skin care needs.



Celebrity Skin Studio Facial Options

24 Karat Facial-90 minutes
This blissful facial is a 90 minute treatment. It is appropriate for your skin type, because it's customized just for you. It includes deep cleansing with an ultra sonic tool that lifts and tightens skin, an advanced enzyme treatment followed by dermal planing (use of scalpel to remove fine vellus hairs and exfoliation) with extractions as needed. A 24 Karat Gold Jelly mask is applied, which promotes improvement in skin texture, tone, appearance, redness, elasticity, wrinkles, dark spots, and hydration. Next an L.E.D. light bath promotes healing and anti-aging properties in the skin as well as overall relaxation. Premium serums and moisturizers are selected and applied specifically for your skin type. The end results is hydrated beautiful and glowing skin. An excellent choice for s special event or when you are craving extra pampering. $195

Celebrity VIP Facial-60 minutes
This facial is customized specifically for your skin. It includes advanced exfoliation options and premium serum and mask selections. It may also include use of advanced skin modalities including skin spatula or ultrasonic tools depending on your skin's individual needs. $125

Clarity Acne Facial 45-50 minutes
This facial focus on extractions and skin clarification $125

Teen Facial 40 min
 For 12-17 year old clients. This facial focuses on education of proper skin care. $75



Facial Enhancements

Upgrade your facial with these add-ons. Save with *select enhancements..

Add Neck Mask
Continue the benefits of a customized mask on your neck. $25

*Dermal Planing
Remove fine peach fuzz hair and remove dead skin cells with this exfoliating treatment. Add to any facial or peel. Save $25 (reg price $75) $50

Anti-aging Eye Treatment
Add Eye pads to address specific concerns for your eye area, including dark circles, bags, puffiness or fine lines. $15

Gua Sha Facial Massage
Gua Sha is an ancient Chinese technique. When translated "gua" means scraping and sha "redness of skin". It's a very relaxing and soothing treatment using a smooth Rose Quartz stone to gently scrape and massage the skin, resulting in glowing lifted skin. Benefits include increased circulation, a lifting effect, tension reduction in facial muscles and reduction of puffiness $25

Aroma Therapy Scalp Massage
A hint of essential oil is applied and gently massaged into scalp. Favorites are Lavender or Peppermint. $10

L.E.D. Light Treatment
Add an extra layer of relaxation with this soothing light therapy. Different colors of light treat different skin conditions from Anti-aging to Acne. The therapy also has a calming effect and will leave you incredibly relaxed and give you a good nights rest. $25

*Lactic Peel for Face
An AHA peel that gently exfoliates dead layers and stimulates cell growth for a healthy glow in no time. Lactic Acid also corrects pigmentation, builds collagen, and reduces inflammation. Ideal for sensitive skin as well as couperose and rosacea. Light flaking may occur after this treatment. Save $40 (reg price $85), $45

*Brow Waxing with a Facial
Add a brow wax to any facial and save $5 (regular price $25). $20