Everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask about Brazilian Bikini Waxing
April 4, 2016
4 Things you need to know about Chemical Peels!
October 24, 2016
Everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask about Brazilian Bikini Waxing
April 4, 2016
4 Things you need to know about Chemical Peels!
October 24, 2016

Enjoy Flawless Skin!

Removal of Skin Irregularities

before after

Pictures of actual clients treated one time for a flat pigmentation (sun spot) above and fibromas in lower photos. The after picture taken approximately 1 week after treatment.
Skin irregularities are the most common of all skin problems and increase in number and kind with age. They vary in kind, size and where we find them on our body. Superficial irregularities can be treated non-invasively and extremely rapidly, without the need of anesthesia. This procedure uses a high frequency wand that never enters the skin for rapid removal of minor skin irregularities such as skin tags, cherry angiomas, fibromas (freckles), milia, sebaceous hyperplasias, telangiectasias (broken capillaries) and hyper pigmented (age) spots and dehydrates the area with use of high frequency.
The skin is prpped with a topical numbing agent.  Treatment causes minimal discomfort and most irregularities only require one treatment. Treated area will form a small crust which sheds in 5 to 7 days for most individuals.
Consultations are FREE, the pricing below is  meant to be a guideline. Each case will be treated individually with care.  For example if there  is an area with several lesions, reduced pricing will be taken into consideration. Booking link available at the bottom of the page.
Prices vary depending on size and start at $35 for Small, $45 for Medium and $55 for Large.

Skin Tags


are small portions of skin that appear to be attached to or protrude from normal skin and are a common benign condition of the skin. Usually just a few millimeters in diameter, skin tags vary in appearance. Some are the same color as surrounding skin while others are hyperpigmented. Areas for tags are eyelids, neck, armpits, upper chest (particularly under the female breast), and groin folds. Tags are typically thought to occur in characteristic locations where skin rubs against skin or clothing.



are composed of fibrous tissue that can be flat or raised. Small fibromas, and the texture and color of large fibromas are different from normal skin because they are darker in color with a more fibrous texture. African-American skin is very susceptible to fibromas.

Broken Capillary orTelangiectesia


can be seen anywhere on the body. They are most common on the face, nose, cheeks and chin. They may be visualized on the extremities as well. Telangiectasia are red linear marks usually measuring less than 1-2 mm in width and several millimeters to centimeters in length and temporally disappear if you press on them with your finger.

Seborrheic Keratosis


appear as wart-like growths in a variety of colors. They may appear in large numbers on the surface of the body, most typically on the face, chest, shoulders and back. They are usually painless and benign, but may become irritated and itch. They may be cosmetically disfiguring and psychologically distressing as a result. A waxy or wart like appearance is noted with a pasted on appearance as yellow, brown, black or flesh.

Cherry Angiomas


are minor skin irregularities that can occur on any part of the body. Cherry angiomas appear as tiny pin-point red papules, especially on the trunk, and increase with age. Cherry angiomas are benign, very common skin growths that vary in size. The cherry-red “bumps” develop alone or in groups, most often on the torso and frequently on the face, scalp, neck, arms and legs.

Sebaceous Hyperplasia


are one of the most frustrating conditions and this is one of the only treatments available for these irregularities. They are easily recognized by their unique “donut” or “volcano” type shape.  They may render fluid if expressed and flatten slightly, but will refill.  These are overgrowths of the sebaceous (oil) gland. Prices same as above sm/med/lrg

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