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April 4, 2016
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April 4, 2016

3 Things You Should Know About A Radio Frequency Treatments

What is an RF Facial?

Radio Frequency has been around for years and is now being used in facial treatments.  It’s biggest effect is firming and tightening of the skin.  In addition, it can also lighten skin, reduce redness and give a great youthful texture to the skin. It’s a great alternative to facial surgery for many reasons and should be considered before doing something as extreme as a face lift.  Here’s why:  Non invasive, no infections or wounds to deal with.  Painless, no down time, and clients can return to normal activities immediately. It is much more cost effective that a face lift.  Radio Frequency is ideal for those who are not willing to undergo an invasive surgical procedure.  It is best suited for those with mild to moderate sagging of facial tissues.  We offer treatments for the Face as wells as the  Neck /Decollete area.  It’s commonly used to treat the forehead, under eyes, sagging in the mid face and jowl area.  We also recommend our RF Neck Lift to treat the double chin or sagging skin around the neck and decollete area. A certain amount of time is needed for each treatment.  Although some significant results will be seen immediately after each treatment, they continue to improve for a couple of months after the treatment.  This is due to collagen rebuilding.   The Face and Neck are separate treatments, but they can be performed together. The Image below is after just 2 RF Neck Lift treatments and daily use of  Neck and Decollete Lift creme. Before pic on the left, after is on the right.
These are actual clients.  In the below photo collage you can see the after effects of her first treatment. Before pic is on the bottom and and after pic is the top photo.

How does an RF Facial work?

The RF currents cause heat to build up in the skin tissue. This heat works to contract the dermis (the upper skin layer) resulting in wrinkle reduction (some wrinkles are eliminated all together). Clients often compare the feeling to a warm stone massage. Another important beneficial effect of the radio frequency treatment is the stimulation of increased collagen and elastin production as well as increased blood circulation. These result is overall skin rejuvenation.  Because Collagen is re producing, your effects will improve over about an 8 week period after treatments.

What Can I Expect?

rf facial 2

In the past the only way to combat sagging facial skin was undergoing a surgical face lift where incisions are made, excess skin removed and ends pulled tightly together. Needless to say such procedures are costly and involve severe discomfort as well as lengthy down times. As any type of surgery, plastic surgery included, face lifts are not risk free.  Radio frequency treatments offer a safer, easier to endure, less expensive alternative to face lifts.   RF treatments are conducted in 30 to 60 minute sessions, usually a series of some 4 to eight treatments is recommended, one to three weeks apart.  For the most dramatic results we recommend completing a series of treatments fairly quickly, for example once per week.  No recovery time is needed after a radio frequency treatment! You can just get up and go on with your daily routines.  Results become apparent immediately, but their maximum effect is visible up to two months after the treatment cycle is over. Results last for years and treatments may be undergone again when necessary.
Clients considering Radio Frequency Treatments should be in good health.  For best results we recommend using Celebrity Skin professional products at home.  Our technician will make recommendations that are best for your skin type.  SPF  is a must to take care of your freshly rejuvenated skin.
Contraindications include:
Pregnancy, Heart conditions/pacemakers, Patients using medication that creates sensitivity to the sun.  Recent surgery, patients  with tumors or receiving treatment for cancer or other serious diseases.  Patients with metal in the body near the treatment site.  If you have any concerns we recommended discussing with your personal physician.
Andrea "AJ" Jenkins Lic. Esthetician
Andrea "AJ" Jenkins Lic. Esthetician
AJ is licensed esthetician, spa owner, writer, blogger, creator of Celebrity Skin professional skin care products and industry expert in the field of anti aging and corrective skin care. When designing Celebrity Skin Studio her goal was to offer excellent customer service, premium treatments and products right here in the west valley serving the residents of Goodyear, Avondale, Verrado, and Litchfield Park. Clients come from all over the valley to obtain AJ's skin care advice and shop the large inventory Skincare products. If you are looking for state of the art anti aging treatments or corrective skincare with excellent customer service, you have found your place!

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  1. In your article you wrote that radiofrequency treatment was a great alternative to undergoing a surgical face lift where incisions are made, and skin is removed and pulled together. If I were to consider a procedure to help make myself look younger and better, I would definitely want to use a method that is less invasive and with easier recovery. Radiofrequency seems to offer both those qualities, so I’ll have to keep it in mind if the need ever arises.

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