celebrity skin products

Our professional skin care products are filled with premium ingredients, rich with peptides and drenched with stem cell concentrates.

Celebrity Skin offers potent multi function cocktails with the latest age corrective and skin repairing technology. The goal is to require fewer products to get the job done.

Many of the products are scent neutral. Some products have scents that originate naturally from the ingredients.  No additional scents have been added as they can be an irritant for both skin and allergies.

And finally, Celebrity Skin is free of harsh ingredients and parabens, only using gentle preservatives as needed. Celebrity Skin is proud to be cruelty free. Products have gone through extensive testing by Dermatologists and products used around eyes have been Opthamologist approved.

You will find our products to be luxurious, effective and easy to use.  We can’t wait for you to experience the benefits of Celebrity Skin!

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