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April 13, 2017
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May 2, 2017

It Was Love at First Sight


It was  the rustling of women shoppers, accompanied by squeals of delight, giggles and plenty of ooooohs, and ahhhs that I heard first. Then the display caught my eye.  Could it be….was that….why yes…. it was galvanized buckets  and they were loaded with all kinds of goodies that I knew must somehow be mine!  I nearly dropped all of my bags and I made a beeline to this display that had a beautiful magnetism I couldn’t resist.  Who were all these cutie pies dressed in their Texas best?  Lots of prairie skirts and boots! The first time I laid eyes on them was in Vegas, at the mother of all trade shows in 2013.  I was in love!

Farm house fresh trade show display

The aromas were mesmerizing. I wanted to be into every container all at the same time.  The sweetest little strawberry red head came over and started to talk with me.  I didn’t catch her name because I was so obsessed with what I was taking in.  She started telling me about the Farm, how all of the products were all natural and the vision behind some of the goodies.  Later I realized I was graced with the presence of the founder of Farmhouse Fresh, Ms. Shannon Mclinden herself!

I remember telling her I would be interested in setting up an account as soon I as expanded. At that time, I was literally in a space no larger than the size of my closet.  She was so sweet, and even though I didn’t place a big order that day, she treated me like I was the best customer she would ever have.  Since that meeting, I have expanded to a new location with a retail storefront.  Over half of our retail space is devoted to FHF.

Our Farmhouse Fresh Retail area.

I have also had the pleasure of sharing my experience with FHF by writing an article that was published in Day Spa Magazine.  I got to share my experiences about their exceptional customer service and how Bella and I were dubbed “Dog Bed Fairies” in effort to help homeless pups!

Our grand opening and debut of Farmhouse house Fresh goodies.

The more I learned, the more I loved….

After partnering with FHF I learned about their love for animals, and their dream of expanding.  They were building a ranch!  Five acres that would house their headquarters and a Rescue Ranch!!!  What????  Could this be any more perfect? A portion of their profits go toward taking care of our furry friends.    When I learned about the ranch I immediately invited myself.  I asked for a bunk, surely they needed my help!!   I was told that they would be hosting an event when they got settled.  If you have ever come into the shop, you have certainly seen me beaming when I share where a portion of the proceeds go!!

The day has finally come.  I’m packed, I’m ready, and I’m counting the hours until my feet touch the soil in McKinney TX!     I will be sharing my adventure with you on social media.  In the meantime, here is some more info and pics from the Ranch shared from Farmhouse Fresh.

The first photo here was taken at the animal transfer station at the North Texas Humane Society. It’s the moment we first met our girls. We later found out Granny’s swolen belly was from Heaves, a respiratory infection that often comes to these poor animals when they are crammed on top of one another in these “Kill Pens.” They are stuck with no food, water or fresh air… it’s just heartbreaking the stories we’ve heard from the rescuers.

Checkout the llamas! This transfer station is essentially a caretaker’s property – her name is Johanna – and she is personally responsible for creating the most magical, wonderful, Shrek-like environment on her property where there must be 50 animals all intermingling and learning to adjust to a life outside of neglect and abuse. From the moment you get out of your car, you are greeted by 10 wandering personalities and immediately start thinking, “We need a bigger barn. I love them all.”









And finally, this is Granny today, in her special cape we made her to welcome her big brother, Stryker, to the ranch. She couldn’t quite read what it said. She’s such a great sport and a gentle, gentle soul.


Our girls are attached at the hip. They eat, sleep, nap, graze, and even see the doctor together. In fact, when Granny had blood drawn, Shadow layed herself over Granny and waited for the process to be over. Granny is in her older years (18), and she’s slower to get up the hill. She’ll hee-haw out, and Shadow always answers back. We love those big ears – they get us every time! It’s almost impossible to say ‘no more carrots’ to these two.
Our two bonded donkey gals, Granny and Shadow, were both saved from Kill Pens, where they were awaiting shipment to a slaughterhouse in Mexico. We’ve helped them put on weight, overcome pneumonia, and heal their very unkempt and painful hooves. Today, we shower them with carrots, watermelon and massages. We’re helping Shadow to become trusting again — she’s fearful and will still turn and run if you’re carrying a can of Coke… or a winter hat…almost anything. Baby steps.
Andrea "AJ" Jenkins Lic. Esthetician
Andrea "AJ" Jenkins Lic. Esthetician
AJ is licensed esthetician, spa owner, writer, blogger, creator of Celebrity Skin professional skin care products and industry expert in the field of anti aging and corrective skin care. When designing Celebrity Skin Studio her goal was to offer excellent customer service, premium treatments and products right here in the west valley serving the residents of Goodyear, Avondale, Verrado, and Litchfield Park. Clients come from all over the valley to obtain AJ's skin care advice and shop the large inventory Skincare products. If you are looking for state of the art anti aging treatments or corrective skincare with excellent customer service, you have found your place!

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